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RAREBREED GALLERY:  Jewel, Prehistoric, ThoroughBred, and WildLife Collections by RareBreed ©2012-2014. Featuring rare and exotic species available by 3D printing.

Art and designs by RareBreed ©2012-2014 are made to order. VISIT SHOP.


Prehistoric Rhinoceros

©2012-2014 RareBreed Prehistoric Rhinoceros, Elasmotherium Model Replica

Possibly giving rise to accounts or tales of the mythological unicorn legend, the extinct giant “Thin Plate Beast”, was in some rights a prehistoric unicorn. It was mammoth-sized and could gallop with nearly a two meter horn; the biggest specimens were twice the size of today’s largest modern rhinos, 4 to 5 tons and 15 feet in length. One such depiction of this genus of rhinoceros in Rouffignac Cave, France shows paleolithic art, an image of what it may have looked like. This creature grazed on open steppes in Eurasia from 2.6 million to 11,000 years ago.

Elasmotherium replica is finely sculpted for the ©2012-2014 RareBreed Prehistoric Collection.

RAREBREED SHOWCASE: Pentaceratops Sternbergii


©2012-2014 RareBreed Chasmosaur Pentaceratops Model Replica

A charging chasmosaurine bull by RareBreed. Pentaceratops sternbergii possess the largest skull of any known land animal; 9.8 feet from frill to beak.

Pentaceratops, meaning “five-horned face”, is related to triceratops but adorned with a more impressive skull and elaborate frill. With two brow, one nose, and two cheekbone points; this, gives its name. The largest individuals are estimated at 23 feet in length weighing up to 5 tons. Ceratopsians like pentaceratops were herbivores, possibly omnivores, from the late Cretaceous and roamed the forests of prehistoric North America.

Pentaceratops replicas are finely sculpted for the Prehistoric Collection by ©2012-2014 RareBreed.


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RareBreed Toys

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RAREBREED SHOWCASE: Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus

Spinosaurus Model Replica

©2012-2014 RareBreed Spinosaurus Model Relpica

Spinosaurus aegyptiacus, the “spine lizard” from Egypt, could be the largest terrestrial carnivore averaging 50-60 feet in length and 10 metric tons.

Its only competitor may be the giant 40 feet and 8 ton Sarcosuchus imperator or “SuperCroc”, as they both might have shared the same habitats of river and swamps in search of fish or unwary prey. Apex predators such as spinosaurus and its crocodilian comtemporary lived around the same time period and place, 112 million years ago in Africa.

Spinosaurus and sarcosuchus replicas are finely sculpted for the Prehistoric Collection by ©2012-2014 RareBreed.

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RareBreed Toys

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RareBreed Collectibles ©2012-2013

RareBreed Collectibles ©2012-2013


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