©2012-2014 RareBreed Prehistoric Elephant, Mastodon Scale Model Replica

Mastodons are interesting enough elephants. Sharing its name with a heavy metal band, Mastodon, also known as Mammuts confusingly are not closely related to mammoths. They evolved 25 millions earlier than the first woolly mammoth and had different molars and musculature. While chimpanzees or bonobos evolved only 5-7 million years apart from their modern human counterparts.

A very ancient proboscidean, they’re heavily built, shorter, and more robust. Mammuts topped out at 9 feet in height and 5 tons in weight, the largest recorded individual was possibly 11 feet tall and 6 tons with an added 16.4 feet of ivory; the biggest set of tusks yet to be recorded. Impressive, considering mastodons are not even the largest variety of elephants, that title belongs to Mammuthus sungari or the very rare Songhua River mammoth; estimated at 17 feet tall and 17 tons. Mastodons browsed in coniferous forests or woodlands, these ivory equipped bulldozers perhaps traveled in herds throughout North America and Europe for a reign spanning 30 million years.

Mammut scale model replica is finely sculpted for the ©2012-2014 RareBreed Prehistoric Collection.