Chameleons by RareBreed

Chameleons are unusual reptiles being both highly specialized yet primitive at the same time. Ranging from less than an inch to two feet in length with almost 200 varieties, some species have remained yet to be discovered. Hard to track especially are the minute leaf or pygmy chameleons, which are as difficult finding as a moving needle in a forest-sized haystack. Most species of these omnivorous lizards however, are conveniently isolated on the island of Madagascar.

Chameleons live anywhere but in cold weather, they are found from the rain forest to deserts of Africa, Asia, and Europe. From the Middle Paleocene they evolved peculiar adaptations; one being physiological color changes by using chromatophore pigments such as metallic hued iridophores. The ability to change color is believed to be for signaling and communication rather than blending into environments, with male chameleons at least. Some are ovoviviparous or bear live young which is even strange for reptiles. Only larger chameleons have prehensile tails but all have independently rotating eyes and specialized tongues. And, like most reptiles on earth chameleons see the world in a full spectrum of colors.

Unique and upside down chameleon model replica is finely sculpted for the ©2012-2015 RareBreed Jewel Collection.