RAREBREED SHOWCASE: Spinosaurus aegyptiacus (revisited)

Updated spinosaurus based off scientific findings
Outdated spinosaurus

Spinosaurus aegyptiacus has adapted to a more leviathan appearance for a semi-aquatic lifestyle, at least in line with last year’s discovery. It may have competed with other large predators such as cretaceous crocodilians and carcharodontosaurus; so adapting to water makes it both the largest terrestrial and aquatic predator on earth at 40-50 feet in length and 6 to 10 tons in weightAs one of a kind colored and customized replica,  Spinosaurus agyptiacus (below) is available at the RareBreed Gallery at slightly a larger scale than current versions. New spinosaurus vs. old model (retired) comparison side by side shows model progress as of 2015. Spinosaurus scale model replicas are finely sculpted for the Prehistoric Collection by ©2012-2015 RareBreed.


New custom made spinosaur by  ©2012-2015 RareBreed
New custom made spinosaur by  ©2012-2015 RareBreed