RareBreed Paint Shop – OPEN

A rare catch!

(Below: A spinosaur surfaces for the RareBreed Gallery)

Another spinosaurus as well as custom painting services are now available, no two customs will be exactly alike. This larger spinosaurus is difficult to reproduce due to numerous spines and spiky bits so custom painting for this particular model may be the last; the unpainted 1:60 spinosaurus version will still remain. More models from RareBreed’s Prehistoric Collection are steadily becoming available for RareBreed’s Paint Shop. This spinosaurus has a strong sheen to replicate its watery habitat of tidal flats and forest mangroves. A monster averaging 50 feet and 8 tons this spinosaurus is recreated at 1:40 scale for your collection. A future spinosaurus may replace this version for continuing RareBreed original custom painted works.

spinosaurus model replica
Spinosaurus model replica ©2012-2015 RareBreed
spinosaurus model
Spinosaurus model ©2012-2015 RareBreed
spinosaurus model kit
Spinosaurus model kit ©2012-2015 RareBreed

Get your chance at owning a RareBreed custom.