Chasmosaurus sculpture by ©2012-2016 RareBreed

Chasmosauri were apparently Canadian, discovered in Alberta from 75-76 million years ago they don purely ornamental head gear attached with up to 24 spikes. They vary greatly between individuals causing controversy among once valid species and such as in the case of triceratops vs torosaurus, genus. Interestingly enough, a nearly complete juvenile specimen and as well as skin impressions were also found, perhaps belonging to chasmosaurus.

“Chasm lizards” shared their habitat with centrosaurs in the Campanian age where earth’s climate was warmer and dinosaur diversity exploded. They were larger than most buffaloes at 1-2 tons and 4-5 meters in length and traveled in herds in tens or hundreds as many individuals have been found deposited together in fossil sites.

Chasmosaurus is finely sculpted for the ©2012-2016 RareBreed Prehistoric collection.