RAREBREED Smilodons (Sabertooth cats)

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RareBreed Sabertooth
RareBreed Prehistoric Collection – Smilodon

Highly limited resin RareBreed 1:10 Smilodon populator sculpts are now on sale including a blank and primed model kit ready for customization. The sabertooth cat also known as sabertooth tigers are a line of large prehistoric cats, in fact, the biggest to have existed on earth; weighing a maximum of 1,000 pounds and standing tall at 47 inches -shoulder height. Smilodons descended from a specialized and separate lineage of felines in the Americas 10,000 to 2.5 million years ago during the Ice Age or the Pleistocene Epoch where megafauna, the giants of their time truly ruled the land.

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A popular favorite from the RareBreed Collection.
A manta ray pendant plated in 14k gold ©2012-2017 RareBreed.


RareBreed Dinosaur
Carnotaurus sastrei by ©2012-2017 RareBreed

Carnotaurusi were the cheetahs of the Late Cretaceous, instead of relying on massive jaws or teeth they were built for speed. Capturing prey with partial binocular vision, it had vestigial arms, a long neck, large tail muscles, and scutes similar to an iguanas‘. On its skull were twin horns, while other abelisaurs like rajasaurus and majungasaurus sported a singular horn.

Large for an abelisaur, carnotaurus had advanced features and size reaching 9 meters, 2 tons, and speeds of 35 mph. Although lightly built,  its short snout, serrated teeth, robust neck, and highly kinetic skull would have let it inflict wounds on even large prey such as sauropods like a club. Animals with cranial kinesis include sharks and snakes who can strike without deflecting prey and simultaneously begin feeding, as with an elastic skull chewing is optional. Mobbing with numerous attacks, its unhinged lower jaw meant it could gouge holes and devour large chunks without killing its victim; feasting on it alive, a sauropod would be merely a moving buffet.

All abelisaurs had compacted arms, some with fused fingers, and ornate skulls. Abelisauridae meaning “Abel’s lizards” were neotheropods found on the prehistoric supercontinent of Gondwana 66- 170 million years ago.

Carnotaurus is finely sculpted for the ©2012-2017 RareBreed Prehistoric collection.